21st September 2023
The free, online conference for everything Hugo

Want to speak? Submit your proposal by August 1st.

A Conference for all Hugoers

HugoConf organizers are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive and harassment free environment for all attendees. Please review our code of conduct, and help build the community by being supportive and constructive.

If you have any questions or suggestions, reach out to

Help us Organize

We're looking for members of the community to help plan and run the conference on the day.


If you're interested in participating in any capacity, get in touch!


We'd love your help.


Where is HugoConf held?

Right here, on this website! On September 21st (PDT), we'll stream the sessions directly on this page.


I can't attend! 😭 Will the talks and workshop videos be available to watch later?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and publicly available on YouTube.